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Employee Success


Leverage experience, but customize to your company


  • The Lyngra onboarding experience starts with key stakeholder interviews to learn more about  your companies values, culture and initiatives. 


  • During each interview clear objectives are defined and a learning program shapes itself from the requirements obtained. 


  • The program is a collaborative approach to learning that ensures your values, culture and communication style are integrated into each session.

Organizational Development

Learning strategy & succession planning for key roles


  • Provide employees with learning content that fuels their thought process with innovation, challenges them to higher goals and provides collaborative opportunities to work outside their department. 

  • Develop learning paths to challenge every level of employee to grow their knowledge and try new areas.

  • Define clear objectives for learning that ensures content is retained and inspires action.


Centralize learning content into an employee hub


  • Evaluate existing technology for efficiency, maintenance and access.


  • Management to secure new technology including Learning Management System requirements gathering, vendor selection, design and implementation.


  • Provide easy access to content 24/7 in a format that can be used from any application at home or at work.

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