Sales Enablement


Leverage experience, but customize to your company


  • The Lyngra onboarding experience starts with interviews with sales leaders and top sales personnel to learn more about  your sales process/methodology, market strategy and initiatives.

  • Onboarding plans designed to each role in your sales organization that ensure rapid time to first sale and development milestones.


  • Content assessment and organization of all knowledge required of a new sales person, including Marketing, Product, Technology, CRM, industry, competition, compliance, internal information, etc.

Organizational Development

Learning strategy & succession planning for key roles


  • Creation of a sales learning strategy.  Define how to take your sales team to the next level with learning goals, certifications and rewards.

  • Define a sales organization progression that is open and accessible.

  • Create a sales leadership program that sets expectations for both sales leaders and their employees.


Customer Relationship Management


  • Evaluate the existing processes surrounding your CRM.  Make data entry faster, with usable data tied to your sales process and methodology.


  • Assessment of existing reports and dashboards.  Ensure the reports and metrics you're leveraging are driving the behavior you want out of your sales team.


  • Actionable leadership reporting.  Ensure you are providing the metrics to leadership that represent the hard work of the sales teams and the value they are driving into the company.